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           Online ordering has become another means for restaurants to receive advance orders.  Over the last couple years more and more restaurants are setting their business up this way but still even with advertising only about 10% of people will use this system.

         The restaurant industry has found that the restaurant online ordering systems just doesn't work as well as hoped.  


          Menus are constantly changing with promotions, coupons, tax rates and deletions.  Think for a minute about what would happen if say you were an Italian restaurant and the public was going crazy over the meatballs and it's a mid day rush, the line is out the door and around the block for the meatballs and everyone in the restaurant is moving as fast as they can. You have orders comming in online, by phone, and in the restaurant itself for the meatballs.  This is every owners dream but then you run out of the meatballs.  It's an easy solution to tell the people on the phone and in the store that you are all out of meatballs.  Your dealing with the rage of the customers on the phone and in the store that aren't getting what they came for.  Then customers come in that ordered ahead online thinking that they are getting meatballs because there wasn't any way to notify them or stop the order.  They get to the counter and hear the bad news.  One of a couple of things is going to happen.  The customer is going to be mad and storm out which other customers will notice (not good for business) or the customer is going to be upset and have to pick something else on the the menu backing up people behind them in addition to now having to wait for their food which was what online ordering food was suppose to prevent.

           Food-2-U's solution- Have Food-2-U take care of the phones and online ordering and if you do run out of meatballs make a simple phone call to us and it's all taken care of.


-Most customers won't use it

          The vast majority of the public still uses the phone as a means of ordering ahead.  Many customers still have the feeling that the order won't be received or be ready when they get there.  As mentioned above only about 10% will use online ordering and 90% will still call in.  This becomes a problem to check every couple of minutes to see if an order has be placed online just to find out that it hasn't.

          Food-2-U's solution- Don't change what the public has done their whole life (call in orders).  Give Food-2-U a chance to prove that we are the best at giving customers the service they deserve.


           Food-2-U is sure that if thought about you can come up with many more problems with the restaurant online ordering system.  Even if you can't think of more problems most would have to agree that online ordering isn't as wonderful as Food-2-U's service.

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