Why should Food-2-U handle my phones?


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Why not restaurant online ordering


Customers speak to a person immediately

Customers never placed on hold

24hr support

Courteous and helpful answering

No outside distractions

In-store customers are not put on hold

Saves time

Saves money

Store becomes more efficient

Able to serve more customers

Able to reduce staff

Pay only when in use

Log of all calls

Service for holidays and weekends

You create a scripted answer

Easy changes to menus

Easy changes to prices

Customers know costs before picking up

No ringing noise in the store

Efficient at getting the order to destination

We can promote a special

We can up sale

Very accurate order taking

Infinite staff to answer phones

Important calls forwarded to offsite managers

  • Hold For Call In
  • Call And Give You Message
  • Call And Leave Message in Voice Mail
  • Alpha-Page
  • Digital Page
  • Text Messaging
  • E-Mail
  • Fax

Billed per second                                                                         Less hiring of staff

Less firing of staff

No payroll

We’re a service (tax deductable)

One bill monthly (not weekly or biweekly)

Any form of payment accepted

We can easily send menus to customers

Never a missed call

Stronger customer relations

We expand with your business

Food-2-U is bilingual

No wasted time with telemarketers ect.