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Our referral Program is simple

Any information that leads to a restaurant signing up with Food-2-U gets you $300.

We are mostly on the honor system because many times there isn't much of a way to track something like this but the first thing we ask a potential client is "How did you hear of us?"  Food-2-U prides itself on its ingrity and reputation so rest assure that all referrals and referrers are handled with the respect they deserve. 

Many times a friend of Food-2-U doesn't know that they referred someone until they get a check in the mail (ie. mailers, emails and magazine ads). 

Keep in mind that the process may take anywhere from a week to two months to receive your check by mail or credit to your existing account.


Ideas for you:

-Put a link to on your website.  Please, in order to not have future conflicts let us know you have put a link on your website so we too can track it.  Payment will go to the owner of the site and if the site is under a company name check will be made to the company.

-Talk to restaurant owners that you know.  Our service only improves businesses so your not putting your name and reputation on the line.  The only thing that a business would ever be out is the service that they used during their relationship with Food-2-U.

-Put us in your mailer, news ad or emails.  Many times just the commision from Food-2-U will pay for your campaign.  Again we do ask clients "How did you hear of us?"

-Call us for some advertising meterial and display in your business. 801-732-0840


Notes about the program:

-If you for instance you refer a company that say has 10 restaurants in its chain and all 10 set up with our service, most would think that we would pay $300 for the one account but we don't.  We would pay $3000 for your referral and most likely a fruit basket at Christmas.

-The program doesn't work for adding another of your own restaurants.  We will although pay the initial referral person for the addition even if it's 10 years later.  We keep all names on file.

-Our expansion of Food-2-U depends on people like you.              Food-2-U thanks you in advance for any effort that is towards our future in the restaurant industry.

-If a client of ours stumbles onto us without a referral or in very few circumstances the referrer can't be contacted we hold a drawing with the names of all past referrers.