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Think about the garbage man.

If you were to hire your own personal garbage man the cost would be outrageous.  Most likely your neighbors use the same company as does nearly everyone in your city.  In addition the cost of the service isn’t outrageous either.  It’s a simple concept; when you combine your needs with the needs of others the cost becomes realistic for everyone.

This is the way that Food-2-U operates.  Although you don’t need someone to answer the phone every second of the day, other restaurants throughout the country combined with yours do.

Therefore you get billed to the second that we are on the phone with one of your customers.  We don’t need round up to the next minute or the next five.  For an in-depth answer to “How do I know Food-2-U isn’t stalling on the phone running up my bill,” check the Questions and Answers page.

Billed to the second              $0.80/Per Minute

Maintenance Fee*                 $25.00/Per 4 weeks               

Deposit*                                  $800.00                  

*Maintenance fee- for any change to menus or prices you may have.  Most changes can be made within a day or in an emergency such as a product is sold out can be made immediately.

*Deposit- This is a deposit for our computer and receipt printer that is needed in the store.  The full deposit is returned upon    receiving the equipment.

*We are so confident that Food-2-U will benefit your restaurant that we have no contract or commitment.  Give us the chance to make a different to your restaurant and customers.